personal greeting

    Hello, I am Pastor Rick Trudelle, founder of A Voice In The Distance Bible ministry.
I was born and raised in El Monte Southern California and have been in Arizona since the year 2000. IMG_0261 Over the years I have served in many forms of ministry from Worship, Youth ministry, Deacon ,Elder and Pastor and still serving in those capacities. I am also a chaplain on the Billy Graham rapid response team.
The greatest training I have had is within my household and in the ministry itself. Even though I have obtained credentials from Bible college and certifications from other organizations but none compare to the hands on training within the ministry of life which has taught me to be a servant of all. All things, All people, All ages.
     You can always impress from afar but you can only impact from up close. The mission and vision of this site is to bring all closer to the Lord to sit at the feet of Christ so that he will impact us through his word and through prayer.